Importance of Safety when Playing with Fetish Escorts

The life of a fetish escort is no where near as easy as simply turning up to a date and having some intimate fun, safety is a very important issue for all escorts, but it is particularly important to fetish escorts.

When a gentleman books the services of one such girl, he is expecting something out of the norm, he is expecting some of his wildest fantasies to come true and this can be anything from a light bondage session to the infliction of pain to a full on asphyxiation session. As you can imagine in these circumstances safety is paramount, for both the escort and her client.

Preparations will be made before hand to ensure that every possible safety precaution has been taken. Boundaries will be discussed with the client before hand and safety word agreed before anything gets under way. If any form of bondage is involved then the fetish escort will ensure that there is a quick release mechanism on hand, me that in the form of a cutter, a key or even velcro built into the restraints, it is essential that bonds can be released quickly and safely.

At the other end of the spectrum you have asphyxiation, also known as breath play where a bag, hood or some other device is placed over the head or throat to restrict the airflow. As you can imagine safety is absolutely the most important factor here but the girl also has to consider the wishes of her client, she must know exactly the right moment to stop, stop too soon and the client will not reach his ultimate goal, stop to late and it could end in disaster. For anyone who is considering this last option you will be pleased to know that virtually all fetish escorts are well trained in first aid and this along with other safety precautions will all be discussed with you before hand.

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