Escorts Offering Forced Feminization Services

Many men have a real fetish about changing roles and playing the female in a relationship, almost the ultimate submission. Escorts offering forced feminization services can be an exciting part to this type of play, and their services are quite prevalent as this kink has become more and more popular in the United Kingdom.

The simplest form of this type of play offered by escorts offering forced feminization is sissification. That is the dressing of a guy in frilly knickers and skirts and a wig. The men look in no way female, but when done under duress this can be a massive turn on to those who find this activity exciting. This is a relatively common service but in order to get what you want from it you need to ensure that your escort has the size and type of clothes that you need.

The next level of escorts offering forced feminization is anal strap on play, usually accompanied with some form of degradation or humiliation, where a guy is made to bend over, pull down his feminine panties and take a strap on, with good escorts offering a large variety of sizes and shapes to challenge even the most experienced player (butt plugs are also often used).

The ultimate kind of play with escorts offering forced feminization is when they take the activity outside of the confines of the dungeon. Here a guy will be made to look as convincing a cross dresser as possible then be paraded in public, forming part of the humiliation as well as the play.

Whilst escorts offering forced feminization are relatively common due to the fact that the equipment is portable and by many standards in the genre, inexpensive, the services are really popular, and for many men, this type of play is their step from the vanilla world into the underbelly of BDSM. Like everything else we talk about, limits are important for both of you so a mutual respect between you and the escorts offering forced feminization is essential.

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